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Japanese School Girls Vol.3


Japanese School Girls Vol.3 expresses the fun, carefree, exciting world of teenage girls!

Japanese School Girls Vol.3


Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace VN Maker


Now you can add more female voices to your game! Japanese School Girls Vol.3 brings you a big and varied collection common / general sayings, sounds and sentences. Short, punctual and useful phrases to make your visual novel come alive!

Performed by a professional voice actress with many clips covering the whole spectrum of emotion.



  • 226 voice phrases, saying and clips.
  • many emotions / situations and common every-day phrases included
  • .M4A and .OGG format included.

Track List

  • Pleasure (laugh, yes!, giggle...) 20 clips
  • Angry (huh!, how should I know!, oh, gosh!...) 21 clips
  • Sorrow (that's not true, I don't know, I see...) 21 clips
  • Happy (I like you, humming, That's funny!...) 20 clips
  • Surprised (wow, really?, what?...) 20 clips
  • Greetings (morning!, sorry it took so long, over here... ) 20 clips
  • Shy (sigh, No!, ah...) 21 clips
  • Responses (right, and?, I'll do it!...) 21 clips
  • Sweet (can't I?, you're so mean, hey, listen...) 21 clips
  • Shock (I can't believe it!, Really?, Goodness!...) 19 clips
  • Breathing 22 clips


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Japanese School Girls Vol.3

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