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JSM Party Themes

Music and Sound
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JSM Futuristic Music Pack

Every hero needs a tune, and JSM Party Themes pack provides them.

JSM Party Themes

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace


A selection of 6 Character themes that have been written and designed for use in RPG/IG Maker. A great value for money resource pack that includes character themes for a Mercenary, A Wondering Nomad and more...

All themes have been setup to loop automatically in both RPG Maker and IG Maker and also the MP3 files have been included for you to listen to whilst you develop your project as well!


This pack contains:

  • 6 looping OGG and WAV themes
  • 6 MP3 themes for listening while you build your project
  • Tracks suitable for characters, but can also be used for towns, dungeons and battle
  • Royalty-free music to be used in RPG Makers and Visual Novel games!


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JSM Party Themes

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