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Light Novel Standard Music

Music and Sound

From up-and-coming music artist MoppySound, we are pleased to announce that Light Novel Standard Music is now available!

This new music pack will bring out the inspiration you always have within to create your very own bitter-sweet love story! Light Novel Standard Music is a must-have music pack to make your Visual Novels or RPG love stories. Just listen to the heart melting ballads or fun, light tunes in this pack, and you will realize you are already in your story!

Provided in both m4a and ogg formats, this pack includes:

  • 40 BGM tracks
  • 6 BGS tracks
  • 53 ME tracks
  • 52 SE tracks


Track List

▼BGM List (Click here to expand)

▼BGS List (Click here to expand)

▼ME List (Click here to expand)

▼SE List (Click here to expand)


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    Light Novel Standard Music

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