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The Music Box: Japanese Horror

Music and Sound

The Music Box: Japanese Horror

Optimized for: RPG Maker MV RPG Maker VX-Ace

Japan is known for aesthetic mastery when it comes to horror movies and games. Now, you can bring the same dizzying terror to your players with this frightening audio pack!

Whether you want to add just a small spooky vibe to your project, or go all-out to completely terrify your player, The Music Box: Japanese Horror is an excellent starting point. The music themes in this pack range from creepy nostalgia for flashbacks to adrenaline-pumping action for chase scenes. A masterful blend of dissonance and melody will have your player at the edge of their seat. Then sound-effects of eerie laughter, pained screams and groans will push them right over the edge.



  • 20 BGM themes, some of which incorporate sound effects into complex melodies.
  • 10 BGS themes, for a more ambient experience.
  • 10 ME themes, composed of short music-box loops.
  • 72 SE (sound effects), ranging from broken glass and dragging chains to groans and screams.
  • .M4A and .OGG formats.

Please note that our graphic and music packs are licensed for use in RPG Maker only!

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The Music Box: Japanese Horror

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