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MZ Cover Art Characters Pack


Alongside the much-awaited release of RPG Maker MZ is a brand new character pack based on 16 cover art characters from RPG Maker MZ itself! Including walking sprites and TVD, face graphics, bust-up images, side view battlers, system weapon icons and even 6 music tracks for your characters to play along to!

These great looking graphics created by c.c.R, are sure to level up your game world!


●16 characters from RPG Maker MZ:
- Teo, Lyly, Yakumo, Yuzuki, SonSon, Mia, Michel, Tabatha, Walter, Sofia, Dietrich, Klaudia, Leon, Amara, Karlheinz and Safiiya

●Each character comes with:

・Characters: walking sprites & TVD
・Face x 1 graphic
・Pictures: bust-up image x 1 graphic
・SV animated battlers

●Weapon: 6 kinds

●Audio: 6 tracks

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MZ Cover Art Characters Pack

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