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Sci-Fi Battler Pack

Enemies and Battlers

Sci-Fi Battler Pack

Alien landscapes or battles in space, get ready with a pack of battlers like no other!

Optimized for: RPG Maker VX-Ace RPG Maker MV

Are you on the lookout for some incredible battlers to use in your futuristic and science-fiction games? Look no further!

Sci-Fi Battler pack is filled with androids, aliens, and sophisticated machinery - the essentials you need in your space adventure. Hand-painted by Michael Rookard, this pack is a perfect companion to his Sci-Fi Battlebacks.


  • Hand-painted battlers, sized for use in RPG Makers.
  • 25 Battlers, ranging from smaller enemies to large bosses.
  • Aliens, androids, robot weapons, mutants and more.
  • Royalty-free use in your RPG MAker/IGM projects!
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Sci-Fi Battler Pack

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