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TeikokukaigunKoibojo Collection

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Heroine Character Pack 1

Tumble down the winding roads of mystery and intrigue of early 20th century Japan in this exciting new collection of characters and backgrounds!

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During the Russo-Japanese War taking place at Yokosuka, a rookie special intelligence agent is paired with one of five dashing members of the "Navy Band" and she must risk her life - and heart! - to complete her mission.

This is the world of 「TeikokukaigunKoibojo」 , a bitter love visual novel published by D3 Publisher. Now you can bring the universe of 「TeikokukaigunKoibojo」to life in your non-commercial VNM projects!

This collection includes backgrounds for early 20th century Japan cityscapes, as well as backgrounds for the home of the heroine and some of her companions.

Characters include 5 male spies from Navy Band, as well as 10 supporting characters. The five male spies come with blinking eyes and mouth animation patterns to help you create engaging and animated scenes.



  • 5 lead characters with 4 clothing options: Fukayama, Hiratsuka, Iyobe, Hara, Komiyama
  • 10 sub characters: Tokuda, Fujisawa, Numajiri, Honjo, Mihagi, Soeda, Siga, Fukayamabro, Tazaki, Mironov
  • All characters come with 11 expressions.
  • Most of these expressions have 2-4 patterns as detailed expressions for animations, such as "openeyetaiki" for Idle expression talking with eyes open, "openeyekaiwa" for Talking expression with eyes open, "closeeyetaiki" for Idle expression talking with eyes closed, "closeeyekaiwa" for Talking expression with eyes closed.
  • 73 Backgrounds from 33 locations; some of these locations have Morning / Evening / Night versions, makes a total of 73 background graphics. Details as follows: Barracks Outside, Barracks Office, Barracks Hallway, Barracks Play Ground, Barracks Training Grounds, Barracks Material room, Barracks Prison, Heroine Home Outside, Heroine Home Living, Heroine room, Hara's Home, Siga's Home, Port, Yokosuka City, Foreign Settlement, Commercial Building Garden, Backstreet, Avenue, Bar, Parlour, Church, Cooking Hut, Yukaku Outside, Yukaku Hallway, Yukaku Tatamiroom, Geisha House, Hideout 01, Hideout 02, Clinic, Sickroom, Partyroom, Inboard, Sky


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(c)HuneX (c)D3 PUBLISHER

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TeikokukaigunKoibojo Collection
TeikokukaigunKoibojo Collection
TeikokukaigunKoibojo Collection
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